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May 20, 2016

A Chinese-English / English-Chinese Dictionary of Apparel & Accessories Foreign Trade

This glossary is for garment workers learn English vocabulary or consult a professional tool. It is through the meaning of words by classification schedule, the meaning of related words collected together, so that readers can quickly access relevant headwords.     Some dictionary entry word when arranged in the order just letters or the alphabet to orchestrate. This arrangement of the method associated headword far apart, so that readers consult certain purpose, when a word can not quickly close inspection, related or similar word entry. This is a limitation of some of the traditional dictionary.     For professional clothing terms, it has organized more its necessity. Our historical, geographical and other reasons, the difference in terms of large Chinese clothing, for example, often regardless of "fold" and "tuck", "clothing" can also be called "clothes" or "clothes." If you follow the traditional dictionary Pinyin order to consult, perhaps through a number of Chinese Synonyms (because people do not know which is the most standard Chinese term), many of our professional and other terms are not completely intended for English terms. This is undoubtedly a very difficult. Now classified choreography to avoid difficulties on.     As to the Chinese-speaking readers may not need to distinguish precise meaning related to Chinese vocabulary, because it is tacit. But the reader has an urgent need to accurately distinguish between English vocabulary related significance. For example, in Chinese, people can be "broken fold" and "multi-line pleated broken" referred to as "shirring" despite their appearance and processing methods are completely different "fold." But in English, the two can not be referred to the pleats. If misused, will cause unnecessary trade or production losses, can be described as miss is as good sweeps clean. In this vocabulary, the significance of these related words are classified in the same category, so that readers can identify their similarities and differences. Chinese-English section


Fundamentals of Chinese Culture

It took 2 years of the author to select topic, write, translate, add pictures, edit,and publish of the book. The book was revised repeatedly during the process, because it is a special book that should be considered seriously.The book was issued at abroad, and its main readers are students in universities who are keen on Chinese. So we become the advocates of Chinese culture, and the representatives of the cultural communication between China and western countries logically. It puts duty on our shoulder undoubtedly.Therefore, the author completed the whole process of edition cautiously. If you want to know about China, it is of course very important to visit her famous mountains and great rivers, and beautiful sceneries. But, if you are eager to know her, you should go to her splendid cultural halls to read her rich and long history.


Comparisons of Chinese Language and Culture to Foreign Language and Culture in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Comparisons of Chinese Language and Culture to Foreign Language and Culture in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
"Chinese and foreign language and foreign language teaching and cultural comparison": Foreign Language Teaching and Research Series. The "Foreign Language Teaching and Research Series" is the Beijing Language and Culture University teachers on a piece of virgin land reclamation difficult decades of ups and downs, hard work, hard sow gratifying results achieved. Many of these papers demonstrates incisive analysis is thorough, thoughtful and deeply, said a new record now, can not be underestimated academic value. The "series", not only to build a comprehensive theoretical framework, system and basic disciplines, and systematic presentation of teaching, curriculum and knowledge disciplines. It's safe to say that this "series" will become one of China's foreign language teaching subjects entered a mature stage of development an important symbol.


Research on object sentence in modern Chinese

Base Information Title:<> ISBN:9787806688151 Pubdate:2004-1 Press:Shanghai University Press Author:Zhang Yunqiu Pages:298 The book used the research method Prototype Theory grammar, construction grammar, etc., to redefine the meaning of modern Chinese patient Object Sentence, multi-angle study of the syntax of typical and atypical patient Object Sentence, semantic and pragmatic features and three in all types of patient Object sentence process restraining effect and the order is formed.


Modern Chinese Research and Application

"Modern Chinese research and application of" first part of the research-based body language, and the second, three-part study of language from the auspices of applied linguistics theory and the history of the theory of advertising language, and language broadcast network.


Modern Chinese: History and Sociolinguistics

The Chinese language, spoken by over one billion people, has undergone drastic changes over the past century. This book presents a comprehensive, up-to-date account of the development of Modern Chinese from the late nineteenth century to the 1990s. It describes and analyzes in detail, from historical and sociolinguistic perspectives, the establishment and promotion of Modern Spoken Chinese and Modern Written Chinese, and the reform of the Chinese script, and reveals the interaction of linguistic, historical and social factors in the recent development of the language.